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MetroScript, Inc. -- Transcription Application Service Provider (TASP)

Totally USA-based and growing steadily since 2004.

Now providing service to thousands of users around the globe.

MetroScript boasts a highly-skilled, experienced development team and a responsive change cycle.

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About Us

MetroScript, a privately-held corporation, was developed from the "ground up" in 2004 with the single goal of developing the premier, end-to-end, web-based application to service to be used by businesses doing medical transcription, legal transcription, or transcription for any other industry.

With offices in Pennsylvania and Colorado, MetroScript is managed as a growing business catering to transcription companies and businesses that need transcription.
Medical Transcription services & solutions
Based on first hand experience in the transcription services industry, MetroScript's management team truly understands the needs of the industry.

Although the majority of our clients are Medical Transcription Service Organizations (MTSO), our service is also used by legal transcription companies as well as companies doing other types of transcription.

MetroScript takes pride in offering the most reliable and secure end-to-end, web-based solution, as well as friendly, responsive customer service. We look forward to working with each client and helping them to improve and expand their business.

We always welcome your suggestions for improving our transcription applications to better meet your needs. Drop us a line anytime.

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MetroScript, Inc. is proud to have all of its business operations based in the U.S.A.
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transcription applications and software
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